Rebuilding Together 2019

The Rebuilding Together project on April 27 was a very successful experience for 23 team members. They enthusiastically completed a long list of safety and life-quality projects for a group home in Annandale. Thank you to the congregation for your prayers, words of encouragement, and financial support of this project. Extra thanks to the volunteers who gave energy and time. We removed a tripping hazard at the top of a flight of steps, replaced 2 failed downspout extensions to allow water to drain away from the house, stained 2 decks to help preserve the wood, replaced cracked caulking in a bathroom, built shelves in a bathroom closet, painted the bathroom and a bedroom, removed poison ivy that encroached from an adjacent common area, trimmed overgrown shrubbery, and planted new annuals to create a serene environment. We placed signs with the church name displayed in front of and behind the house. The community knows that Fairfax United Methodist Church lives its faith!