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Multiply the Blessings

Giving is a spiritual act. Through our financial support of the ministries of the church, our faith is lived out. Although it is to bring light and life into the many ministries of the church, it is a spiritual discipline. Giving prioritizes and, in a very tangible way, determines God’s place and importance in our lives.

Why We Give


All we have is a gift from God, so we believe that giving to God’s work is an act of worship.

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Giving is an expectation of faith. The church does not specify how much an individual gives, but we hope each person will commit a percentage of their income and increase that amount as they are able.

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Annual giving makes stewardship possible: worship, ministries for children and students, Bible studies, small groups, pastoral care and support, mission trips and community projects.

Legacy Giving


Our ministry matters and is making a difference! Belief in our ministry to share the gospel message may lead donors to consider sustained endowment giving.

The Endowment Fund

At any time, you may begin giving to our ministries and missions.

Give Now

Give now through our online donation page.


Bank Bill Pay

One-time or recurring payments can be made through your online bank bill pay services using the following payee info:

Fairfax United Methodist Church

10300 Stratford Ave

Fairfax, VA 22030-3217


All gifts and donations can be sent to:

Fairfax United Methodist Church

10300 Stratford Ave

Fairfax, VA 22030-3217

More Ways

Friends, members and congregants of Fairfax United Methodist Church can give the following on a one time or recurring basis: stocks or bonds, real estate, wills or annuities and company matching programs.

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