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Special-Called General Conference

Dear Fairfax United Methodist Church and Friends: This letter is meant to pastorally address voting results of the special called General Conference in St. Louis, which concluded yesterday.  I know this letter reaches people who are in grief and also those who feel relieved.  I am

Bibical Hospitality

Pastor Amy Grant What comes to mind when you think of hospitality? A warm cup of coffee and a friendly welcome? Those are great starts, but God’s hospitality is much more! The earthly way of hospitality is usually based on a transaction. Often this transaction is financial—I

New Leadership Organization

Dear Fairfax United Methodist Church members: I ask you to prayerfully consider completing this inventory to be considered in our nominating process for key church leadership. Profile & Inventory form (complete a Google form online) or download and complete The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church gives each church the opportunity