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Kids’ Ministry

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Children are a Gift from God

We are here for your children all year. Below are ways your children can become more involved in their relationship with God, peers and this congregation. For more information, contact Tanya Fuller, Director of Children’s Ministries.


Grow Curriculum

The Grow Curriculum was created by kid’s pastors with a goal to help kids grow spiritually by teaching and discussing Scripture in developmentally appropriate ways.  The Grow scope and sequence will take kids through every significant Bible story in three years. We spend an equal amount of time in the Old and New Testaments.

Blast Off Series

3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . blast off!  Blast off is a four week series on Spiritual Habits. We will launch four big ideas on how to grow spiritually: by spending time with God; spending time with others; using our gifts and sharing our story.


For Parents: A valuable resource on spiritual growth is Raising Disciples: How to Make Faith Matter for Our Kids by Natalie Frisk. The book gives a practical approach to living an authentic faith that values the Bible.

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Week 1: Jesus visits Mary and Martha

Week 2: Jesus cures a paralyzed man

Week 3: Peter and John share the Gospel

Week 4: Jesus washes his Disciples’ feet




Kids Ministry-Wait for It Advent

Wait for It 

In this 4-week series on Advent & Christmas, students learn how to watch for and put their hope in Jesus. They will join John, Mary, Simeon, and Anna— all who waited for a Savior to change their lives. Children discover that everyone needs a Savior, that the Savior will change everything, that God will do impossible things, and that Jesus is the one they’ve been waiting for!

Week 1: John prepares for Jesus

Week 2: God helps us in our weakness

Week 3: God helps us when we’re in trouble

Week 4: God helps us help others




For Parents: As caregivers sometimes, it may be tricky to find ways to help kids spend time with God on their own, in an age-appropriate way. Here are few ways:

  • Use a good Bible translation
  • Teach kids ways to pray throughout the day
  • Play kid-friendly worship songs

Bethel Music Kids
Hillsong Kids

Elementary: When God Made the World by Matthew Paul Turner
Preschool: All Creatures Great and Small by Naoko Stoop.

Families enjoy "The Magic of Zinn" performance in the Courtyard.
Families enjoy "The Magic of Zinn" performance in the Courtyard.

Seasonal Programs

Seasonally, we try to create an opportunity for the younger members of our congregation with a series of special programs that include Advent/Christmas activities, Pastor’s Egg Decorating Party, Wonderful Wednesdays Summer Program and more!

Vacation Bible School

We are disappointed to announce the cancellation of our week long Vacation Bible School for this June due to mandated restrictions on gatherings. We are hopeful, however, that we will still be able to host shorter special events for kids and families before the end of the summer. Stay tuned for more details as we monitor the situation and creatively consider the possibilities!


September 26 Design a T-shirt Party