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Holy Week

April 18 at 7:30pm

Holy Thursday

All are invited to Holy Thursday (Maundy Thursday) to commemorate the supper Jesus shared with his disciples before his crucifixion. Maundy comes from the Latin, meaning “commandment.” This refers to Jesus’ new commandment to love with humility by serving one another and remembering his sacrifice.

April 19 at 7:30pm

Good Friday

Service of Tenebrae

The word “tenebrae” comes from Latin, meaning “darkness.” The Tenebrae is an ancient Christian Good Friday service that uses gradually diminishing light through the extinguishing of candles to symbolize the events of the week from the triumphant Palm Sunday entry through the burial of Jesus.

As we continue our walk through the Holy Week, the Chancel Choir and instrumentalists lead us in remembering Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

April 21

Easter Sunday

6:00am (Sunrise Service)

Our youth are leading the community Easter Sunrise Service at Old Town Square in Fairfax at 6:00am. Please come and bring a friend to rejoice in the good news of Easter morning.


8:15, 9:30, and 11:00am

Come Sunday morning to proclaim in the community of believers, “Christ is Risen, Christ is Risen indeed!”