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Zimmer Organ Rebuilding Fund

For the love of worship . . .


Fairfax Church (formerly Duncan Chapel) has been a continuously worshipping community in Fairfax since the 1840s.


Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise him with stringed instruments and organs.
Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord.
Psalm 150: 4,6 KJV


The Zimmer and Sons Organ was consecrated in 1977 and has served as a centerpiece of worship for 44 years to the glory of God. The 3 manuals, 42 ranks and 2265 pipes of this worship workhorse need to be rebuilt for its continued support of worship at Fairfax! Learn more about the organ rebuild below or by watching the Q&A video in the sidebar.


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Overview of Proposed Improvements


These are significant revisions to the existing organ to improve mechanical function, electrical reliability, and an expanded tonal pallet for greater variety of color, power, and volume.


Mechanical Rebuild


  • Replace the current electropneumatic action with a new direct-electric action
  • Releather the instrument entirely and replace all of the pitmans in each chest
  • Install a new Syndyne Master System, featuring LCD touch screen interface, 5,000 levels of memory, and MIDI record/playback
  • Install 3 additional draw knobs
  • Remove and clean existing pipes and mechanisms


Tonal Improvements


  • Rescale and revoice pipework
  • Add digital voices with necessary amplifiers and speakers
  • Rebuild and revoice four ranks of reed pipes
  • Add color stops in digital voices by the Walker Technical Company to add variety to the organ for flexibility and versatility


The facade of the organ will retain the same appearance.


The approved bid is from Cornel Zimmer Organ Builders for $256,600.

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